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Turnkey Projects

As a single source of specialist expertise and experience in all aspects of airport furniture - that would otherwise involve numerous separate contractors - we can offer customers unique turnkey solutions.

With over two decades in the industry, we know airport infrastructure inside out.

Let Gate Technologies take everything off your hands. We can manage every aspect of the project, from ensuring compliance and compatibility to sourcing, installing and calibrating all equipment, machinery and systems.

We have comprehensive experience of supplying complete projects with a range of equipment, including baggage conveyors at departures and arrivals, Flight Information Display systems, signage and customs equipment. We work closely with all our suppliers to make sure everything works together for easy delivery and installation.

Put simply, we are handy people to know…

Different airports each require a unique approach, and an in-depth knowledge of airport systems in invaluable. Security screening protocols for both baggage and people can differ immensely from place to place (and from terminal to terminal).

A Gate Technologies turnkey solution amounts to a concerted team of industry experts ensuring your project works as it should, looks as it should as is fully compliant with all applicable legislation.


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