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Security & Border Control Furniture

Meeting the unique legal requirements of individual countries, we design and install bespoke security furniture, engineered to fit and work perfectly with the latest state-of-the art security equipment.

Compliance experts

We consult with the relevant authorities and draw on years of expertise and experience to ensure our custom security and passport control counters are 100% compliant with the specific laws of individual countries.

All components are designed to precisely accommodate all airport and airline management and security systems.


Gate Technologies leads the way in airport furniture engineering and innovation

From specially designed passport booths for veiled women at Abu Dhabi Airport, with automatic obscured glass doors to screen occupants…

…to complex immigration stations for Bangalore Airport, manufactured in the UK, containerised and shipped to site by Gate Technologies, then installed with local partners.

We use the latest 3D CAD modelling software to illustrate project proposals vividly and dynamically.


Using premium raw materials from approved suppliers, we manufacture aided by precision CNC and computer operated processes to deliver long-lasting engineered components of an extremely high standard.

There may only be a limited number of airport projects where you go to a specialist…

For airport security furniture, it pays to come to the experts. You’ll see the benefits of working with Gate Technologies from first contact to long after project completion.  We create robust, compliant and entirely customised airport security furniture that lasts for many years, including but not limited to:


  • Passport control / immigration / emigration booths
  • Customs counters and benches
  • Security counters


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