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3D Walkthrough of New Stansted Check-in Area

Stansted Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the UK and home to 20 airlines serving over 25 million passengers each year.

Back in 2018, as part of their strategy to create additional capacity in line with growth projections, Stansted Airport opened the first phase of the “shoreline” check-in development.

This involved replacing the previous island layout and comprised 16 check-in counters in a continuous line.

Gate Technologies designed and provided the desks and back wall in close coordination with the airport engineers and architects.

In autumn 2019 the second phase of a further 16 check-in desks was opened and GT were once again retained to provide a Mk 2 version of the counter along with a dramatically different back wall.

The open back monolith design of the desks incorporates a combination of infrared and camera-based AI point cloud technologies to help prevent unauthorised access.


Both phases feature counters of a slim and contemporary design fabricated with solid surface facades and featuring LED lighting.

Phase 2 introduces a new design of backwall in “monolith” style whereby the bag transport beyond the check-in is visible.

Monolith units are free-standing and structural, compliant with ASIAD standards and incorporate flight information monitors.

An additional feature is the LED lighting programmable according to the particular airline using the counter. Airline colours are washed up the backwall and also used in the desks themselves.

On both phases GT worked closely with Robson Handling, the suppliers of the baggage handling system, who have created a 3D interactive walkthrough of the area, from check-in desk through to the baggage handling system which you can view here.