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Virgin | Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick is the second-busiest airport in the UK and the eighth-busiest in Europe.

Gatwick remains one of the busiest single-use runway airports in the world. For the airport to function under such constant pressure, check-in needs to run like clockwork.

Gate Technologies provided check-in counters as well as a ticket desk for major long-haul operator Virgin Atlantic at Gatwick’s North Terminal.

Airport terminal furniture with clear and colourful branding keep both passengers and staff happy (and moving) in what can sometimes be a high-stress environment.

The ticket desk area has an open, bright and approachable feel, encouraging positive interactions between staff and passengers.

Modern, robust materials combine with intelligent lighting design to provide longevity that’s easy to maintain.

The desks and back wall we installed feature LED lighting with colours set according to travel class.