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New check-in desks for the gateway to Reunion Island

Roland Garros Airport, the primary aviation hub on Reunion Island, serves as the main entry point to this French department situated in the Indian Ocean. Located just 1.5 hours west of Mauritius by air (12 hours from Paris), Reunion Island is renowned for its volcanic landscapes, lush rainforests, coral reefs, and pristine beaches. The airport facilitates numerous direct daily flights from France and offers connections to Thailand, South Africa, and other regional destinations.

Currently, Roland Garros Airport handles over 2 million passengers annually, a number that continues to grow. In response to this increasing demand, as well boasting a brand new coastal road (the first phase of the new 9.4 km coastal road from Saint-Denis to La Grande Chaloupe was completed and opened to the public in early 2023) the airport is undergoing significant expansion. The centerpiece of this development is a new arrivals terminal, scheduled to open in March 2024.

Improvements are also being made in the departures terminal. Efforts are focused on upgrading the baggage handling system and increasing capacity through the installation of self-service check-in facilities. Twelve of the more than thirty check-in counters are now equipped with these new technologies.


Gate Technologies AF Ltd has played a pivotal role in these upgrades by fabricating bespoke check-in desks designed to accommodate the “Skydrop” self-service units supplied by the French company Easier. The design, developed in collaboration with the airport management team, ensures the new desks fit within the existing footprint while integrating seamlessly with the “Skydrop” modules mounted on the desk fronts.

The desks, manufactured in the UK from various durable materials, were airfreighted to Reunion Island for installation by Equans and their JV partners. These check-in counters are available in left-hand and right-hand ( configurations and include lower transaction surfaces to comply with French accessibility standards, ensuring improved access for wheelchair users.

The design also ergonomically houses airline equipment such as PCs, printers, scanners, and monitors on the operator side of the desk.

The ongoing enhancements at Roland Garros Airport underscore its commitment to providing a superior travel experience. As passenger numbers continue to rise, the airport’s expansion and technological advancements will ensure it remains a vital gateway to the beautiful and diverse Reunion Island.